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Core Advantage is a proud partner of Basketball Victoria.
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Resources for BV athletes

Elevate your training with protocols designed to help you become stronger, more explosive, resilient and better prepared for high level basketball.

Parents, coaches, and athletes can leverage Core Advantage sports science expertise by implementing these straight-forward practices.

Elite Recovery Strategies

Recovery 2.0
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Elite Warmup Protocol for Basketballers

Warmup 2.0
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Adaptive Strength Training Program for Athletes

Foundational Strength
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Supporting Basketball Victoria athletes

Core Advantage partners with Basketball Victoria to provide a tailored high performance program.

Performance testing

Regular performance testing at Basketball Victoria hubs provide insights to facilitate the improvement of skills, performance and resilience of athletes across the program.


Parents, coaches and athletes are introduced to critical sports performance concepts and can brush up on foundational skills.

Training resources

Access to elite level training methods are available through a range of informative guides. These easy to follow guides distill years of applied sports science practice in bite-size chunks that coaches and athletes can leverage immediately.

Discounted services

Basketball Victoria SDP, NPP, and Academy athletes receive discounted access to Core Advantage programs and physiotherapy services.