Adaptive Strength Training Program for Athletes

Foundational Strength
A simple workout structure that can form the basis of years of performance improvements.
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Introduction to the Foundational Strength Program

One of the great ironies of sport is that our best junior athletes often don’t get access to the elite level strength and conditioning and athletic development coaching until they have made it to an institute, college or professional team.

In most sports as many as 70% of young athletes are still missing out on the benefits a structured and scientific strength and conditioning program. This is astonishing given the known rewards of early intervention in an athletes’ developmental years.

This is a massive lost opportunity. Young athletes have a superb window in which they can be building a foundation of injury resilience,  improved strength, speed and power.

The Core Advantage Foundational Strength Program is our solution to this problem.

Every athlete can easily complete this adaptive program from home with minimal equipment. In fact you don't need anything other than some floor space and gravity to get started.

How to use the Foundational Strength Program

We have designed a movement-patterns based matrix that can be adapted to your needs and competencies from day one. Each movement can then progress over time as your strength and control develops.

You can review the full program matrix below.

To get started, watch the initial intro video to get an understanding of how the program matrix works at a high level.

After you are comfortable with the program design, we have provided separate instructional videos for each movement. Make sure to pay careful attention to the details! Correct execution of the movements matter.

The movement matrix

Download the program matrix

We have a handy quick guide PDF that you can print out. Click here to download the PDF now

Movement pattern video instructions

Below is a full instructional video for every exercise option for each movement pattern used in the Foundational Strength Program.

1A: Squat / Lunge

1B: Anterior core

3A: Horizontal push

3B: Unilateral hinge

4A: Row / Scapular retraction

4B: Standing calves

Wrap up and important tips

For the best results it is important to follow these simple (but essential) tips:

  • Do the workout two or three times per week.
  • Do three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions per movement.
  • NEVER push through joint pain or sharp pain. Instead stop and see your physio or osteo. (Some muscle burn during the movement is however fine!)
  • Treat your strength work with the same attention to detail you apply to your foul shooting. Set your feet, take a breath, lock in and chase perfect reps!
  • Be smart with when you choose to level up to the next movement within a pattern. (The day before tryouts or a Grand Final is not the time to do your first ever walking lunges!!!)
  • Only progress to the next movement once you have truly mastered all the details of the one you are on.
  • Only progress to the next movement once you can comfortably perform it with great form and tempo for 15 repetitions.
  • New movements should always be done for less reps the first couple of times. This gives your body time to adjust to the new stimulus.

Note that consistent strength training over time is like compound interest. Do not rush the process, your strength will accumulate over time if you let it!

More help

At Core Advantage we work with teams and individuals to help them implement tailored high performance programs.

Get in touch with us via our contact page if you could use some help!