Nutrition consultations for athletes

Personalised, professional nutrition and dietetics support delivered online or on-site at our high performance centre.

Sports dietitian for athletic performance

Whether you have health, performance, or body composition goals, our in-house sports dietician can help.

Get practical real-world help with your sports nutrition with Core Advantage's very own accredited dietitian Dr. Dominique Condo.

Consultations are available for athletes of all ages and experiences levels, for both Core Advantage members and non-members alike.

Private health rebates are available for all consultation types; for your convenience you can choose either online and in-person appointments when you make a booking.

Dr. Dominique Condo

About Dr. Dominique Condo

Dr Dominique Condo is an Accredited Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian and lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Deakin University. When she isn’t lecturing at Deakin Dr Condo is the dietician for the Geelong Cats Football Club in the AFL/AFLW and the Deakin Melbourne Boomers in the WNBL helping some of Australia’s most elite athletes stay fit and healthy.

Dom has a special interest in supporting athletes meet body composition goals for their specific sport, the dietary management of bowel issues, food intolerances and disordered eating.

With an approach to eating and nutrition that is grounded in real-world practical advise Dom treats every individual differently, adapting her approach and advice to suit the specific situation.

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In this workshop series, Accredited Sports Dietician Dr Dom Condo covers the fundamentals of great eating to help you maximise performance, accelerate recovery and increase your energy levels.

Learn about:

  • Protein, and protein shakes
  • Supplements; which ones work and which are a waste of money
  • Hydration for team sport athletes
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Eating healthy while saving time and money
  • How to fuel for competition
  • Emotional eating and it’s triggers

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