Sports performance coaching, training, and rehabilitation for athletes of all sports

Achieve your ultimate potential with the support of Australia's premiere strength & conditioning team.

An athlete pushing a sled for athletic development at Core Advantage

Building incredible athletes

Core Advantage athletes have gone on to compete at the highest level in their sports, including professional leagues around the world, US college scholarships across all divisions and representing Australia.
An athlete training at Core Advantage

“My second home”

I started at Core Advantage to rehab my knees years ago, I am so grateful for how my performance has increased. To now be playing professional basketball is a dream come true, Core Advantage was a huge part of that.

- Rachel

"I love this place"

Starting out at Core Advantage as an intern, I still training at Core Advantage multiple times a week for my football, the coaches are great, my speed, stamina and durability are the best they have ever been. So much more than your typical gym!

- Tom

Performance services

Professional support and coaching for athletes of all sports and all levels.

Athletic Development

Push your performance like never before with our elite level programming.

Sports Physiotherapy

Rehabilitate the right way by working with an integrated team of coaches and an elite physiotherapist.

Sports Nutrition

Fuel your success on the field and in the gym with a sports dietetics consult.

Athlete Testing

Learn where your team needs to improve with our cost effective performance testing sessions.

Our Core Partners

Join an environment designed for athletes

Open to athletes of all sports and all levels, our gym has the culture of hard work and motivation you need, with professional coaching support and strategies to help you reach your goals.

Performance testing

Your experience at Core Advantage begins with an injury assessment and baseline performance testing session. This allows us to see where you are now, where you need to be, and discover your critical opportunities for improvement.

Customised program

Our expert coaches craft you a customised sport specific strength and conditioning program. Based on your assessment results, we align your training to match your unique biomechanics and goals.

Unlimited training sessions

Train in our state-of-the-art gym as often as you need each week. Your workouts are fully supervised so you can be sure to have the right guidance and support to increase your athletic performance.

What is included in your membership?

Ongoing individualised speed, agility, strength and conditioning programming.
Unlimited weekly training sessions in the Core Advantage high performance centre.
A home training program to increase your performance gains and keep up the momentum.
Ongoing performance testing, and screening to keep track of your progress and cover weaknesses.
An individualised holiday program to keep you fit and ready for when you get back.
World class coaching and elite training methods to reduced injury risk and maximise performance.

Strength & conditioning experts

Train in Melbourne’s premier athletic development centre for sportspeople of all levels.
An athlete training at Core Advantage with coach
An athlete training at Core Advantage
An athlete training at Core Advantage

Founded by strength and conditioning coach Durham McInnis in 1999, Core Advantage is one of the most respected athletic performance providers for junior and elite athletes in Australia. Based in Oakleigh South, Melbourne we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way to becoming the strongest, quickest, and fittest version of you imaginable.

Core Advantage specialises in:

  • High performance athletic training and development
  • Athletic performance testing
  • Sports nutrition consultations
  • Team workshops

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