Athletic performance testing for clubs & schools

Our customised testing solutions can form the basis of long term performance improvement and injury reduction.

Get accurate and meaningful performance data

Our proprietary approach makes sessions engaging for athletes, and easy to understand custom reports help coaches, parents, and administrators.

Whether it is in-house at our High Performance Centre in south eastern Melbourne, or at your home facility, Core Advantage will conduct a battery of athletic tests to capture a profile of your team's strengths and weaknesses.

Our reports put those results in context, making sure individual and group analsis reveals progress, areas for improvement, and comparisons to elite standards.

Testing is not just about the data, our team of experienced athletic development coaches will also educate your athletes to help them understand the relevance of each test, protocols, and tips for improving performance.

With experience in precision testing at all levels we can fully customise a testing event for any sport based on the unique needs, ages, and skill level.

Athletic performance testing - Agility testing

What's involved with athletic testing?

Test and analyse, then develop a concrete action plan to maximise performance.

Customised Testing Plan

Our coaches will work with you to determine the most meaningful suite of tests to capture a profile of the strengths and weaknesses of your athletes on an individual and group level.

Testing Day

In a dynamic and engaging event we will run your custom battery of tests. The session can be at your club or facility, or at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre.

Performance Reporting

Within a week of the event you will receive detailed reports for every individual and cohort, identifying  areas of improvement, comparisons to elite standards, and performance change over time.

Action Plan

We will assist your coaching or teaching team to interpret and analyse the results, helping you develop a concrete action plan, supported with resources to assist your athletes maximise their overall athleticism.

Hear from our testing partners

Core Advantage provides athlete performance testing for schools, organisations and clubs all around Melbourne.

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Make an impact with performance data that matters

We offer a range of meaningful tests and can advise you which suit your sport, cohort, or budget.

Speed and agility

  • 5m, 10m, and 20m sprints
  • Sport specific agility tests
  • Slow-motion analysis of sprinting technique

Power and Strength

  • Vertical and broad jumps
  • Eccentric utilisation ratio
  • Velocity based training (VBT) and profiling
  • 1RM estimations/tests

Work capacity

  • Yo-yo endurance tests
  • Fatigue index repeat sprints
  • Time-trials
  • VO2 max estimation

Flexibility and Anthropometry

  • Height and weight
  • Wingspan and handspan
  • Joint range of motion
  • Muscle flexibility

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