Physiotherapy Clinic

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Your elite physiotherapist in Oakleigh South.

Our physiotherapy clinic is located within our High Performance Centre at 39 Cleeland Road Oakleigh South. Ample parking is available on site.

To get the most from your session:

  • Wear workout appropriate clothing or loose shorts & t-shirt.
  • Email us through any scans or X-rays in advance if relevant.

HICAPS is available in the clinic for on-the-spot insurance claims.

If you have questions about our services please call on 1300 927 557

How WE Help

Expert hands-on physiotherapists will help accelerate your recovery, guiding your return to performance every step of the way.

ACL rehabilitation

Leverage the ultimate collaboration between physiotherapy and strength and conditioning in our seven phase ACL rehab system. Return to sport stronger, faster and better than ever.

Back pain

Whether you’re suffering from lumbar stress fracture, a disk injury or ongoing back soreness, we help get you pain free and back to full function to enjoy sport and life again.


Our structured and methodical approach to achilles and patellar tendon issues rebuilds and enhances your tendon and supporting muscle capability.

Hamstring and groin strain

Achieving strength-at-length is critical to hamstring and groin strain rehab. To prevent recurrence, it is not enough to restore function; we must exceed your capability prior to injury.

Shin splints

Leveraging mechanotransduction and the analgesic impact of isometrics with tibialis-post and soleus strength, we carefully stage reloading to get you back pain-free without flare ups.

Movement efficiency

Master the art of effortless speed. Our physio team supports improvement with advanced tools like Vald NordBord, ForceDecks, ForceFrame plus proprietary in-house technology.

Expert team

Physio Department

Get the guidance and support you need to dominate your progress.

James Jansz
Performance Physiotherapist
Passionate about strength and conditioning, James empowers athletes to build resilience and surpass their potential. His expertise is fortified by prestigious sports affiliations and involvement in research on ACL and concussion prevention.
Jerome Lugo
Performance Physiotherapist
Fusing his experience as a top-tier sports physiotherapist and an athlete, Jerome excels in managing and rehabilitating running and sports injuries. His philosophy centres on active participation during recovery, encouraging resilience and improved performance.

Come back stronger than ever

Integrated rehab Membership

If you have recently suffered an injury, you might be juggling advice between multiple providers like surgeons, physiotherapists, trainers and others. How do you know you're on track to recover?

Core Advantage brings everything you need under one roof in our Sports Rehabilitation Membership.

Our in-house physiotherapists and university qualified strength and conditioning coaches guide you for the full rehabilitation process without the confusion.

Get back to sport stronger, faster, more explosive and even more confident than ever.