Warmup 2.0 - The Most effective protocol for every body

So finals are here for some, off season for many and springtime for everyone.

What this means, is that more people are trying to get in shape and make athletic improvements than almost any other time of the year. With this in mind we decided to make a short movie showing how everyone can perform an elite level warmup irrespective of their age and stage. You can watch it here on the our youtube channel and make a real difference to how you prepare for sport and exercise by improving your mobility, flexibility, core strength and movement skill, all in one short warmup.

Doing the warmup daily can make a huge long term contribution to your athleticism. Just remember to ease into it and gradually ramp up the intensity. Also don't forget the rolling will feel great pretty soon and the first few days really are the worst!

To keep the video short we left out a lot of info, but we don't want to leave you short changed, so here are some links to the mission critical elements of athletic preparation we touched on. With all of these articles the emphasis is on athletic performance, but it is important to remember that everyone can benefit from these protocols. Here they are just click away and enjoy.

I suggest start with The Magic of Foam Rolling and then find out how to Increase Your Vertical Leap in Less than 10 minutes a day with our article about static stretching. Learn about how the glutes work in One Muscle To Rule Them All: Gluteus Maximus Then learn how to squat safely and effectively in our article Loading the Glutes The Power Of the Squat and last but not least read all about Training the Core For Performance .

Good luck