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Develop unmatched speed, power and resilience by implementing simple training practices backed by modern sports-science.

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Elevate your training with protocols designed to help you become stronger, more explosive, resilient and better prepared for high level sport.

Parents, coaches, and athletes can leverage Core Advantage sports science expertise by implementing the straight-forward practices outlined in these guides.

Core Advantage supports athletes from almost every sport played in Australia; from AFL, Athletics, MMA, Basketball, Soccer and even Ultimate Frisbee!

Our years of experience have been distilled into these easy-to-apply protocols you can implement today absolutely free.

Athletic development  for Netball

Sport-Specific Guides
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Athletic development  for Basketball

Sport-Specific Guides
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Why Core Advantage

Join a true high performance sports environment designed specifically to help athletes.

Individualised programming

Your program aligns with your performance needs and will constantly adapt to your progress.

Unlimited training

With unlimited gym access you always have the ability to get after it.

Discount physiotherapy

Your integrated physio team is always ready for immediate treatments and triage.

Built for athletes

Surround yourself with like-minded athletes who share the work ethic required for success.

Performance testing

Regular performance testing using the latest technology ensures you stay on target.

Expert coaching

Your university qualified coach leverages leading-edge sports performance methodologies.