#66 - Training to failure?

June 22, 2017
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Show notes

  • This looks at 4 & 2 set not to failure vs 4 sets taken to failure and shows that both groups not taken to failure had significantly greater strength adaptation.
  • Two similar papers from Gonzalez-Badillo looking at high-moderate-low volume training that show moderate volume training is superior to excessively high or low. Paper one, paper 2
  • This one used maximum vs half maximum sets and looked at the acute fatigue effects and time to recover power (vertical leap)
  • This study used 20% vs 40% velocity loss across the set to determine volume and found the group that was only allowed a 20% drop (and therefore stayed further from fatigue) achieved better training results over 8 weeks.
  • Another study looking into the acute effects of training to failure or sub maximally.
  • You can sign up for Dan Baker’s emails and read more about Velocity based training (VBT) here
  • VBT is very similar in principle to the intent to move principle