Bulgarian Split Squat or Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat?

What's in a name?⁣

This exercise is called the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, or to its friends; RFESS.⁣


That is a great descriptive name, it's a split squat and the rear foot is elevated.⁣ Everything seems to be in order.

Yet for some reason its also commonly known as a Bulgarian Split Squat.⁣

That doesn't tell me anything about how to do the movement.
Was it even invented in Bulgaria? ⁣
How do I set it up?

This can be a source of great confusion for anyone new to the gym setting.

Exercises should have descriptive, explanatory names that help coaches and athletes navigate their training, understand the set up, the focus and maybe even the intention for a movement. Not take them on a tour of Europe, or the history of strength and conditioning.⁣

As of 2019 I feel like this is improving, where most exercises have an equivalent descriptive name. The exception being the Romanian deadlift or RDL.

Can we please find a new slick descriptive name for this brilliant lower body exercise?

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