The World's Best HIIT Workout: How To do 8:12 Intervals on a Spin Bike

For teams sport athletes, long steady-state continuous exercise doesn't offer a huge amount of benefit when it comes to sporting specific fitness. A much better option isto do high intensity interval training or HIIT. 

Now for an athlete the best form of HIIT is actually just playing your sport -- playing, competing, scrimmaging, training, these are going to directly mimic what you'll do on the court or the field when it comes time to compete. The next best option is repeat sprint training. But the problem is you need to have a rest from the ground reaction forces. You need some way of training your intervals without doing that high intensity ground reaction force loading. So the next best thing to do is 8 and 12's on a spin bike.

Start with quick foam roll and stretch to warm up, then set the seat to hip height, strap your feet in and start peddling.

Search in your app store for "Katr Tabata" it costs .99c but we have tried a heap and this is still the best.

Search in your app store for "Katr Tabata" it costs .99c but we have tried a heap and this is still the best.

The best way to do intervals is with some sort of a timer. Our favorite is one called Katr Tabata interval timer. It's on both android and iPhone it costs about 99 cents but it's awesome. It's effective and simple, it does exactly what you need, no more no less. Set the startup delay to four minutes for your warm up, set the workout cycles to 30, which will give you 10 minutes of work. The duration of the activity is eight seconds and the duration of the rest is 12. Crank the volume up, enable the sounds and you're good to go. The screen is colour coded, blue for the warm up, green for go and red for rest. The trick is you want to be sprinting for the entirety of that green screen, that's eight seconds sprinting all out. You want to use that last three, two, one count down to increase the gear, start peddling faster, and then go.


Keep peddling all the way until the screen is red, drop the gear, switch off and rest. Then repeat for 30 rounds.

Don't push it all the way to spew city. Just work at a moderate to high intensity and as you get fitter, start pushing harder and harder. Start with 30 rounds build up slowly. Our record here at Core Advantage is 80 rounds and it didn't look like fun.