Energy System Development

$198 AUD
Advanced sport specific conditioning & energy system development principles.

Build elite levels of fitness more efficiently and effectively.

Fitness is many things to different people, but ultimately the ability to do more work in the same amount of time makes athletes more successful and helps the rest of us improve capacity for a long healthy life.

Through this self-contained short course learn the principles of sports specific conditioning, why building an off-season aerobic base is a bad idea and how to harness the power of the trickle down effect of high intensity training.

This course covers the physiology and metabolic underpinning of how to help your clients get fit faster, work capacity testing protocols on any budget and how to strategically program and periodise an athlete or teams conditioning through the sporting year.

Sample Clip From Part 2: Energy System Interplay

Part 1: Physiology Of Fitness (10mins)

  • Physiology behind how muscles contract
  • What causes fatigue
  • Metabolites, waste products and ATP

Part 2: Energy System Interplay (50 Mins)

  • How the energy systems work together
  • Energy delivery during dynamic sports
  • Practical implications of energy system limits

Part 3: Programming And Periodisation Of Conditioning (45 Mins)

  • The trickle down effect of high intensity training
  • Why you don’t need to program aerobic training
  • How steady state cardio reduces power and speed
  • Programming conditioning in different real-world contexts

Part 4: Testing And Assessing Fitness (18 Mins)

  • Why V02 doesn’t matter (that much)
  • Sports specific fitness tests on any equipment or budget restraints
  • Time efficient fitness testing for readiness monitoring
  • Immediate and lifetime access to the video lessons, practicals, bonus resources and reference lists
  • A certificate of completion

Earn 2 CEC points with Fitness Australia immediately upon completion of this course.

Meet your instructor

Jacob Tober, BEx&SpS is an ASCA certified coached and ESSA accredited Sports scientist.

With seven years experience working in private and semi-elite strength and conditioning, Jacob splits his time between his role as a high performance coach with his role as head of education for Core Advantage researching, writing and developing educational content for social media and the Core Advantage Mentorship and short courses.

Since 2017, Jacob has been working in an advisory role with Deakin University providing a coaches perspective and assisting in research design and implementation for studies exploring velocity based training and power development.