Core Advantage Interval Timer

A clean and easy to use interval timer with pre-built athlete specific workouts.
Interval timer

The Interval Timer App

The Interval Timer App features pre-built workouts by the Core Advantage Team and a fully customisable interval creator.

The workouts include:

  • 8:12s - The most effective and efficient way to improve anaerobic fitness on a spin bike
  • Fartlek Timer - Swedish for speed play, use for a randomised workout of hard, moderate and easy effort
  • Game Fit - The world’s best sports replication drill designed to replicate the movement patterns, muscle groups and fitness demands of team sport
  • Repeat Sprints - Long slow cardio is ineffective for power athletes get fit with repeated high-velocity sprints
  • Stretching - Custom built for the Core Advantage Crouching three stretching protocol
  • Tempo Timer - Use to accurately control your strength training tempo
  • Custom - Build and save your own timing protocols with our workout builder.