Educational Workshops

Give your off-season a boost, test your physical abilities, or learn new skills.

Your Team + Our Team

Being the best is about more than just training harder. Whether it's in the warm-up, in the gym or even in the kitchen, so often teams win or lose before they even step onto the field.

By combining our 30,000+ hours of coaching experience and the latest research and evidence from the cutting edge of sports science, our workshops blend practical advice with easy to understand scientific principles. Armed with actionable knowledge athletes and coaches can take immediate steps towards improved performance in the long and short term.

All workshops are specifically tailored to the right level for school groups and teams based on factors like sport, age group, and season status.

Embedded Strength & Conditioning

In addition to running educational workshops, we offer ongoing strength and conditioning services for schools and clubs. With a range of dynamic services available, our team can come to your facility on a regular basis to deliver programming.

  • Athletic Training and performance testing.
  • Full service management of S&C delivery
  • S&C department setup and consultation
  • Educational outreach
  • Performance testing and analysis

Unlock high performance skills

All workshops can be delivered in-house at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre or at your home facility (if suitable).

Sleep, Recovery and Elite Habits

Sleep, recovery and taking care of your body are essential parts of being an athlete.

Combining real world advice with cutting edge science, this workshop is the perfect tool to help your high aspirations team become true high performers.

Learn about why sleep is critical to performance, strategies for recovery, active and passive recovery, hydration and nutrition, and visualisation.

Warm Ups

We've developed our own routine called Warm up 2.0 as a solution to preparing your body and mind for training and competition. Focused on the big picture of long term athletic development, warm ups improve your athletic performance and significantly reduce injury rates. Learn about the importance of a warm up and cool down, and the compoents of Warm Up 2.0.

Also included in the workshop:

  • Video Demonstration
  • Access to the Warm up 2.0 online course

Movement Skill

In team and ball sports the fundamentals of movement are often overlooked, and we're never really taught how to properly move. Learn how to run, jump and cut more efficiently and effectively, how to move more safely in sport to reduce the risk of injury, and how movement can improve explosive power and fitness.

Also included in the workshop:

  • Video analysis of key movements
  • Access to our Running Technique Toolkit online workshop

Training for Sport

Not all athletes are made the same, and neither are training programs. Learn about training myths, methods and principles, the chronic adaptations of exercise, sport specific fitness and what to do during off-season training.

Also included in the workshop:

  • Access to the Art of Reload online course
  • Access to the Holiday Training Plan online course

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