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The personal online mentorship for high performance coaches.Stand out from the crowd as you develop a range of technical hard and soft skills crucial for creating a personal and professional identity in a crowded and competitive industry.‍

Develop Crucial Skills In Connection, Communication And Business To Become An Industry Leader.

Stand out from the crowd as you develop a range of technical hard and soft skills crucial for creating a personal and professional identity in a crowded and competitive industry.

Throughout the six wide-ranging units not only will you learn and develop as a professional and as a person, but you will have the opportunity to develop your own personal brand, deepen your understanding of what it takes to make your dream career, job or business a reality and complete weekly workshop tasks, not just for the sake of completing irrelevant tasks, but instead build integral components taking you closer to turning your vision into a reality.

Go through the course at your own pace, completing the real world practical tasks, designed to help you turn your individual ideas into world class plans, strategies and tactics.

Traction Is Built On Six Comprehensive Units

In each of these units, challenge yourself to analyse every aspect of your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and vision for what you want to achieve in your career.

Units include:

  • The compounding power of world class work
  • Develop and understand your coaching profile
  • Professional habits for career success at every stage
  • Building a tribe. Skills for networking, connecting and harnessing the power of social media in the 21st century
  • Business skills for the fitness industry. Developing and modelling, financials, setting and crushing goals
  • The art and science of coaching and communication
  • Immediate and lifetime access to the video lessons, practicals, bonus resources and reference lists
  • A certificate of completion


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Meet your instructor

Jacob Tober, BEx&SpS is an ASCA certified coached and ESSA accredited Sports scientist.

With seven years experience working in private and semi-elite strength and conditioning, Jacob splits his time between his role as a high performance coach with his role as head of education for Core Advantage researching, writing and developing educational content for social media and the Core Advantage Mentorship and short courses.

Since 2017, Jacob has been working in an advisory role with Deakin University providing a coaches perspective and assisting in research design and implementation for studies exploring velocity based training and power development.

Learn more about Velocity Based Training with

Velocity Based Training, or commonly known as VBT is a fantastic way to inform us about the quality of our training, adding an objective value on the quality of every rep. At, Jacob delves into how you can improve performance, build power, strength and muscle, and allow for auto-regulating training in real time. ⁠⁠

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