Perfect Pre-Season: AFL

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Your teams secret weapon this pre-season. Unlock your players full potential by building the ultimate high performance master plan as you structure and plan your training to develop a stronger, fitter and more durable football team ready to take on the competition this upcoming season. Built on the latest in elite strength and conditioning and AFL sports science practices, this program has a clear action oriented focus, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock your players potential. Designed for teams at every level, you don't need a huge budget, fancy equipment or hours of planning time, we outline and provide practical examples and templates for every training session on the road to round one.

The pre-season is here and it's time to build a winning footy team. This guide and the high performance coaches at Core Advantage are here to help.

Contained within this product are four key elements to help you and your team thrive as they prepare for the upcoming season.

1 - Biggest Pre-season Blunders (eBook)

Sports science has come a long way in recent years. While sophisticated GPS tracking and a full time sports science division might be outside the budget for most clubs, there are plenty of high performance activities that a club can implement to get their team fit, strong, and reduce injury risk in the season ahead. 

The great news is that most of them don’t cost a thing.

Each chapter of this guide highlights one of the four most common training errors we see at clubs which sabotage the performance and success of their athletes. We also provide solutions and alternatives along the way.

2 - Perfect Pre-Season (eBook)

Anyone who has worked in sport knows that "perfect" rarely happens. Interruptions, injuries, and bumps in the road inevitably disrupt whatever we as coaches plan.

This book is designed to help you build a plan that can withstand these hiccups and deliver the best possible pre-season. Our goal is to give you the resources you need to deliver a robust strength and conditioning approach to have your team in the best possible shape by round 1.

3 - Resources and templates (printable sheets)

In this booklet you will find a series of resources and templates to help you execute on a high performance pre-season training plan. 

Feel free to browse through these materials, print them out and keep them handy of use them as inspiration to create your own training materials. 

4 - Coaches portal (online training library)

When you purchase this product you will gain lifetime access to an ever-expanding library of training ideas, tutorials, tips, tricks and plenty more. We are always creating more for coaches and athletes so keep an eye out in this portal for inspiration when structuring your upcoming training plan.

  • Perfect Pre-Season eBook
  • Biggest football training blunders eBook
  • 15 week progressive master plan for your pre-season
  • Weekly and daily templates to structure training
  • Interval timing app for gruelling AFL specific conditioning work
  • Instructional video resources for each element of the plan
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Meet your instructor

Jacob Tober, BEx&SpS is an ASCA certified coached and ESSA accredited Sports scientist.

With seven years experience working in private and semi-elite strength and conditioning, Jacob splits his time between his role as a high performance coach with his role as head of education for Core Advantage researching, writing and developing educational content for social media and the Core Advantage Mentorship and short courses.

Since 2017, Jacob has been working in an advisory role with Deakin University providing a coaches perspective and assisting in research design and implementation for studies exploring velocity based training and power development.

Learn more about Velocity Based Training with

Velocity Based Training, or commonly known as VBT is a fantastic way to inform us about the quality of our training, adding an objective value on the quality of every rep. At, Jacob delves into how you can improve performance, build power, strength and muscle, and allow for auto-regulating training in real time. ⁠⁠

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