Core Advantage applications

Designed and built for ease of use. The Core Advantage phone applications are designed in house in consultation with our coaches and athletes.
Velocity based training app with computer vision


Automatically track Velocity, ROM, Power, and Fatigue. No strings. No hardware. Just your smartphone camera.

Metric is currently in limited Beta release, learn more about the app, functionality, and release date by visiting via the button below

Interval timer

The Interval Timer App

The Interval Timer App features pre-built workouts by the Core Advantage Team and a fully customisable interval creator.

The workouts include:

  • 8:12s - The most effective and efficient way to improve anaerobic fitness on a spin bike
  • Fartlek Timer - Swedish for speed play, use for a randomised workout of hard, moderate and easy effort
  • Game Fit - The world’s best sports replication drill designed to replicate the movement patterns, muscle groups and fitness demands of team sport
  • Repeat Sprints - Long slow cardio is ineffective for power athletes get fit with repeated high-velocity sprints
  • Stretching - Custom built for the Core Advantage Crouching three stretching protocol
  • Tempo Timer - Use to accurately control your strength training tempo
  • Custom - Build and save your own timing protocols with our workout builder.