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Core Advantage delivers customised testing to athletes of every sport, age and background, we run and develop action plans for you to take steps to dominate your opposition and reduce injury risk



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High Performance Testing Camp

All day performance camp. All sports, ages 13-17.

Term 3 Holidays, October 2nd


Testing Open House

Coming soon...


Group Testing Packages

Either in-house at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre or at your home facility, Core Advantage will work together with your coaching staff to develop a battery of tests to capture a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of your team as a whole and of each individual in it. 

Within one week of the testing session we provide you with hard and digital copies of individual and team results. From there, we will help you interpret and analyse the results, providing your team with a concrete action plan and resources to help your athletes maximise their overall athleticism. Follow-up testing sessions can be used to track and highlight improvements in athletic performance over time.

We offer different testing batteries for every sport based on the unique movement patterns, energy systems used along with data on elite standards, common combine tests and injury trends/risk factors within each sport.

  Speed and Agility

Speed and agility

  • 5, 10, 20 m sprints
  • Sport specific agility tests
  • Slow-motion analysis of sprinting technique
  Vertical Leap

Power and Strength

  • Vertical and broad jumps
  • Eccentric utilisation ratio
  • Velocity based training (VBT) and profiling
  • 1RM estimations/tests

Work capacity

  • Yo-yo endurance tests
  • Fatigue index repeat sprints
  • Time-trials
  • VO2 max estimation
  Mobility and Flexibilty

Flexibility and Anthropometry

  • Height, weight
  • Wingspan, handspan
  • Joint range of motion
  • Muscle flexibility

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