Our training system has been refined over many years, and is designed to help every athlete maximise their full potential.


Initial Consultation

All athletes commence their experience at Core Advantage with a 60 minute initial consultation. We will take a detailed injury history, map out your goals in sport and conduct a musculo skeletal screening that highlights any bio-mechanical shortcomings. Importantly we also analyse and modify your training schedule load to ensure it is designed for true high performance.

Small Group Training

Once you have been through our initial consultation you will be able to book in to our 90 minute small group classes. At these sessions athletes are coached through their entire workout by our elite level coaches and interns. Athletes are coached on all elements of the system at every single workout so that over time they are making a cumulative contribution to their total athletic development. 


We offer two levels of membership to accommodate your attendance needs. 




1 class / week

$50 / week

$250 initial consult*


Unlimited classes / week

$75 / week

$250 initial consult*