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Testing and Performance Analysis


Get the Core Advantage

Every athlete is unique, our custom designed screening and testing process will highlight your strengths and weaknesses allowing us to write individually tailored programs specific to your sporting goals and biomechanical needs.


Performance Testing

Every athlete is put through a full biomechanical analysis and performance testing session before they start training to help us best understand your goals and athletic needs

  World Class Coaching

Customised Programming 

While certain commonalities exist, every athlete who trains with us is programmed for according to their sport, injury history and goals

  Custom Programming

World Class Coaching

At Core Advantage you don't have just one coach, you have an entire team working together to help you get the most out of every session

  Elite Training Methods

Elite Training Methods

Our methods are built on over 30,000 hours of practical experience  combined with the latest innovations from sport science and technology.



Membership options

We offer two levels of membership: Basic and Elite.
Both membership levels include regular weekly sessions, all ongoing customised programming and periodisation, performance testing, and individual guidance and periodisation as we help you achieve your goals. 



One 90 minute class per week 

$50 per week

$150 Testing and Screening


Unlimited 90 minute classes

$75 per week

$150 Testing and Screening


Minimum age for joining members is 13 years. We offer movement skill analysis sessions and home programs for athletes 10-13 years. These sessions are 1 on 1 and subject to availability.
$250 (90 minutes)

This is not a regular gym, we only train athletes.
Places are limited, Enquire now to book a call to speak with one of our senior coaches.



To get in touch book a call below and we will call you back at the most convenient time or call 0410444948 (during business hours)


NB: internship applications submitted here will not be accepted, click here to learn more about the internship.


The Core Advantage High Performance Centre

39 Cleeland Road, Oakleigh South

Coaching Hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs 4pm-8pm (last class 6:30pm)
Saturdays 9am-2:00pm (last class 12pm)