Every athlete at Core Advantage is tested, individually programmed for and then trained according to their sport, goals, strengths and weaknesses in order to maximise their potential.

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Customised programming
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You can't change what you don't measure


Every athlete who trains at Core Advantage goes through our customised screening and testing process. Re-testing is done every 10-12 weeks.

We track and measure:


Flexibility and muscle activation

Speed and agility

Vertical leap

Velocity based training and profiling

Fitness and work capacity


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Custom Programming

No two athletes are the same


After completing the initial testing every athlete is written a custom programs based on their individual goals and bio-mechanical needs.


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World Class Coaching

Train with some of the best in the world


All our coaches have university degrees and are graduates of our highly selective internship program.

We have a systematic and detail oriented approach which means no athlete is left behind. Our team will work with your team as well, communicating with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and your sporting coach.


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Elite Training Methods

Combining over 30,000 hours of athletic development experience and the latest in cutting edge sport science.


Crossfit, powerlifting, olympic lifting, plyometrics, bodyweight, barbells vs dumbbells, kettlebells, there are so many competing training philosophies and ideologies going around that it can be confusing and intimidating for athletes to know whats the most effective and safest way to improve.

At Core Advantage we are in no way married to any specific training methodology. Instead we take the best from all disciplines to ensure maximum results for you the athlete.

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